We have produced 100% Result with all first class in consecutive batches of 12th STD.


With sheer hard work and with will of god our first batch student P. Yalini devi bagged district 2nd rank in Higher Secondary Board Examination Scoring 1178/1200, among 3 districts CBE, Tirupur and Niligris. K.S. Sathya had scored 1161/1200 and was held in second rank and R.Gowtham scored 1130/1200 and was placed in 3rd Rank.


Our student v. Keerthana proved her excellence by scoring 600/600 in GM and bagged state first rank in GM subject. Our student A.P. Vignaesh had proved his excellence by bagging district third rank in higher secondary board by scoring 1177/1200.


Our higher secondary students A.P. Vignaesh and P. Yalini devi were honored by awarding (ANNA AWARD) for bagging district rank by Coimbatore District Collector.


Our student S.P.Priyadarshini added laurel to our school by bagging STATE THIRD RANK & DISTRICT FIRST in X public board examination by scoring 496/500.


She was honored by Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu Shri. Rosaiah Avargal, Chief Minister Jayalalitha Amma Avargal & District collector Mr. Karunagaran Avargal for her above outstanding performance.


We have produced 100% Result with all first class in consecutive batches of 10th STD.


Our Management firmly believes to lay emphasis on both academics and extracurricular activities equally to pave way for all round development of our students. In this regard the school has always tailored means and resources to showcase the talents of the students to the world. One such effort in this directioin has been the recent accomplishment of a successful world record. Our school students staged a world record on January 16 2013 on the occasion of ‘Thiruvalluvar Day‘. Thiruvalluvar was a celebrated Tamil poet and philosopher whose literary work ‘Thirukkural‘ has been regarded as the higherst and purest form of human thoughts. Tamil writer and poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar sang the song glorifying Thiruvalluvar whose Thirukkural has spread the richness of Tamil literature to the world. The school went ahead with the world record for the largest portrait using Pots. The Thirukkural has a totalof 1,330 couplets and therefore the school roped in 1,330 students to stack 3990 mud pots to reach a length of 113ft. Each student wrote a Thirukkural on three pots. all the pots were arranged in the manner in which the final output presented the image of Thiruvalluvar as a huge portrait.



Our Achievements

+2 Result

SCHOOL FIRST - E. Priyanka - 1189 (District Third) with centum in Maths & Chemistry (Medical Cut off - 199)